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Welcome to Agile RF. We understand the pressure on designers of wireless systems for technology with built-in flexibility to meet the increased demands on their wireless devices. Our tunable circuits, phase shifters and electronically scanned array technologies have a wide range of applications for wireless electronics used in an unlimited number of commercial and military devices.

We offer four basic categories of tunable solutions covering many applications for commercial and military wireless communications:

Tunable matching networks
Tunable impedance matching circuits for tunable antennas and amplifiers
Phase Shifters
Analog phase shifters in frequencies from 1-50 GHz for phased array antennas and feed forward amplifier linearization
Tunable Filters
Continuously variable RF tunable filters
Low cost electronically scanned phased array technology
2-D electronically scanned antennas and subcomponents

As an example of how our tunable solutions are implemented, consider an antenna tunable matching network. Today's wireless handsets are marvels of engineering, continually packing more and more functionality into smaller spaces. Conventional antennas require a certain volume to perform effectively and modern handsets frequently don't have adequate space available for a large enough antenna. A tunable antenna allows a smaller antenna to behave as a larger antenna, both saving space and improving performance.

Our RF phase shifter technology uses tunable ferroelectric technology for products that are significantly less expensive than conventional GaAs based technology, which can greatly reduce costs for phased arrays. The phase shifter circuit is typically a large portion of the cost of phased array antenna systems. Tunable filters reduce the number of filters needed in multi-band applications, which reduces costs and increases the availability of board space. Let Agile show you how our low cost phased array techniques can reduce array costs by significant amounts.

Read more about our products to discover how our adaptive RF solutions with tunable RF technology can improve performance, reduce the size and enhance the cost effectiveness of your design. In addition to our tunable components, our team can design custom solutions to meet the needs of many commercial or military applications.

Tunable Wireless Solutions
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